• ISSUE 9: A New Dawn

    Welcome to Volume 2, the 3D Horror RPG. A far more involved game design relying on everything you learned in Volume 1, and more. If you remember, in Volume 1, Issue 1, we created a 3D world in an hour. We’re about to use equally clever tricks to generate a scary 3D House…

  • ISSUE 8: Do the Time Warp!

    It has been over 10 years since Issue 7! This is a real testament to the now 2 decade old Panda3D game engine. It’s still out there, still maintained, and all of the code in prior issues still works to this day! Lets crack on and complete our arcade shooter game.

  • ISSUE 7: Do you read me, HAL?

    Time to add some Artificial Intelligence! We’ll be giving the bad guys pursue, engage, flyby and flee behaviours. How do we do this without all bad guys behaving identically? Smoke and mirrors or a ghost in the machine…?

  • ISSUE 6: Know your Enemy

    Add the bad guys! Along the way we’ll be doing a bit of audio editing, some image editing and some more neat tricks with inheritance. To finish, we’ll add some camera view toggling and a functional HUD RADAR!

  • ISSUE 5: A New Hope

    It’s time for some housekeeping before the New Year! We’re going to revamp our code base with a new design, explain the water from Issue 4, add some sound effects and finish with a basic Heads Up Display (HUD).

  • ISSUE 4: What goes up…

    Add collisions. Add gravity. Add explosions. Add water. Add camera tricks. Improve fog, lighting, sky. Issue 4, all done!

  • ISSUE 3: Lights, Action, Camera!

    Welcome back! In this issue you will learn how to add controls to your game to control the player along with adding a sky, some fog, some lighting and basic camera control.

  • ISSUE 2: All the World’s a Stage

    Welcome back! In Issue 2 we will focus on getting your game’s main character (player) into the world you created in Issue 1!

  • ISSUE 1: The one hour 3D world

    In Issue 1 we will guide you through the creation of a Virtual World, the basis of your new game upon which everything else relies. Ready? Onwards…